The Stuff of Legend

Do not forgive me, Father
For my sins
Leave me to wear them upon my skin
Exposed, swearing in the street
Leave my brave, bare feet
To take three lefts instead of your right
Hear my howl, and my fairy tale mind
From swoon to slaughter
From apple to knife

Do not forgive me, Father
Do not pray for my soul
I will taste my freedom before I am old
You call me the moon, earthbound and cold
But hear these circuits,
Raging and raving,
Warned by the newborn day.
See me pacing, a lion in a cage-
Father, I know you are afraid.

See this land, as far as the sea,
I will be king.
I will dance fireside in grass,
Until it grows dim.

Do not forgive me, Father
For I have not sinned.


(Source: danceofthepoet)

Posted at 11:30pm.