The Stuff of Legend

Have you ever been hurt? Have you ever felt that lovers scorn in your heart? I have. I have felt the pains of the heart, I have felt the emptiness that consumed me. I have felt my muscles teared from my body, my skin soaked from the rain and drilling in my bones. I have felt my bones, aching, and rising to meet the surface. Have you ever been cut? Have you ever pulled, damaged a muscle? Have you ever cut your skin? If you have, then you must have remembered this line: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Your body has been set to recover, and heal from damages. Through numerous ways it fights the diseases, threats and pain that consumes you. It releases chemicals like endorphins, and antibodies to come to your aid. Most importantly however, it tries to recover. Not only that, but it does this so well, that it recuperates stronger than before.

What more proof do you want? What greater testament is there than this; that your Maker loves you. Your whole existence manifests His love for you. If that’s not enough then think about this; when you are hurt, your body tries to make you better. Think about how that when it does heal, it’s even better than before. Love is at the center of this universe, and it smiles down upon you. You were made in love, through love, and by love. Someone had the love to keep you, to raise you, and to let you transform into all that you are today. You are the sum total of the people around you, look around. We are not alone. We weren’t made to be alone alone. We were made in pairs, in genders, in cultures, just so that we may embrace one another. That pain that you feel can be felt by someone half way across the world and you wouldn’t even know it.

A smile is always a friendly gesture. There is no barrier when it comes to Love. There is no limit. The world turns and functions, and there is good in it. Bad things only happen when the good people stay quiet. Like darkness is the absence of light, so is hate the absence of love. Like coldness is the absence of heat, so is indifference the absence of care. That pain you feel, that hole, or scar - it is the absence of something. It is in your suffering that you are molded and shaped. You become all that you are meant to be through the people around you, and the stories that dwell in your heart. It is that same pain which makes you so beautiful. You are beautiful to me, because I know beautiful people don’t just happen. Everything happens for a reason, and deep down inside you know that the love you once knew will come again. Love must be reciprocated, if not replaced. You might think the source may vary, but it’s all the same. It comes from inside of you. Love yourself so that you may love others. Be happy, so that you can make others smile. Suffer the pain, so that you may know beauty. Know that you are beautiful, so that you may let others know that they are beautiful. You are beautiful¬†

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